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Full-Time Issues is an interview show that revolves around exploring new ideas and life in general. Each week host, Jonny Bolen, sits down with people of different backgrounds and professions and discovers the wonders the person brings to the table with the hope to inspire listeners to become their best.



with Jonny Bolen

“Full-Time Issues with Jonny Bolen" made its debut on June 7, 2020. Host, Jonny Bolen brings a warm, friendly persona to the podcast with his comfortable interview style, a love of music, soccer and deep questions.  Full-Time Issues is produced on podbean, and is part of the After Hrs Podcast Network.

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About the 


Jonny Bolen is an enthusiast of Jiu Jitsu, Soccer, podcasting, Skating, and much more.  Jonny currently lives in Orange County, California and is always constantly trying to surround himself with interesting people who give him new perspectives and ideas on life.  Jonny’s all time favorite food is pizza, he loves the LA Galaxy, and always tries to stay involved with Jiu Jitsu.  His overall goal is to work in sports broadcasting and film making.  To learn more about Jonny make sure to follow him on instagram and twitter @JonnyBolen.

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