Chat Past Midnight is a comedy interview podcast, based on the tried and true “late night” television show formula. Filled with comedy bits, games, interviews and weird news stories that don’t make the front page, Andrew Balisi gives his take on what happens in popular culture and the world around us. Chat Past Midnight is free to listen to on most platforms with more being added everyday.

Chat Past


with Andrew Balisi

“Chat Past Midnight with Andrew Balisi" made its debut on July 3, 2020. Comedian Andrew Balisi brings a dry-wit and goofy persona to the podcast with his comfortable interview style, love of listener participation, zany antics and playful sketches. Known for his work on other podcasts, Balisi also brings along his characters and bits from “W9K”. Chat Past Midnight is produced on, and is part of the After Hrs Podcast Network.

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About the 


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Andrew Balisi is a podcaster and self-proclaimed comedian who is fresh out of university with a degree in communications. He currently lives in California and can be seen frequenting Disneyland. Andrew is an extrovert (ENTJ). He loves cooking, reading, scenic design, drinking good tea as well as wine, taking walks on the beach, and watching “Whose Line Is it Anyway.”Andrew is also the co-creator and co-host of the W9K podcast, which covers 90s Pop Culture and Nerd Culture in general. You can learn more about Andrew by following him on Instagram and Twitter @abalisi 

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